Bokhari Snippets

(1) Our periodic discovery of Pak-US ‘honeymoons’

by Khaled Ahmed writes in :
Our periodic discovery of Pak-US ‘hone

Khaled Ahmed’s A n a l y s i s

“When Pakistan’s prime minister Liaquat Ali Khan visited the United States in 1950 his speech-writer Ahmad Shah ‘Patras’ Bokhari got him to say the following words against the off-putting American no-friends-no-foes principle in foreign policy: ‘A statesman, well known in history, speaking of his own country, once said that it had no eternal friends and no eternal enemies but that it had eternal national interests. Personally I believe that is too cynical a view to take of the foreign relations of any country, unless the word “interests” is interpreted very widely. But perhaps for some people it is a good starting point for the study of foreign relations'....”

(2) A.S. Bokhari and the UNICEF

Akram Piracha in the Raza Rumi Blog “All Things Pakistan”
Says:August 5th, 2006 at 8:38 pm
A little known contribution of Bokhari is the survival of UNICEF, which was about to be disbanded after having completed its humanitarian mandate in the WW2 devastated Europe